After christian dating divorce

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Seek out classes/books relating to single parenting from a Christian perspective.

Focus on the Family has a web site that can be a great resource to you.

You may still have a reaction when you begin to ‘date’, but it should be lessened when you approach it this way.

Are they emotionally/spiritually/financially sound? As you consider becoming serious about someone else, be sure that they are emotionally, spiritually and financially sound before proceeding. Ask God to guide you as you relate to the particular personality of your child (children).

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There are online dating services, such as Christian Mingle, which cater to those who want to find dates who are also Christians.

When the parent is ready to return to social interaction, they should go to events and meet people at church, parties, movies, dinners, etc. Be aware of ‘the rescue’ A parent is more likely to be motivated to find someone to ‘rescue’ them if they have children at home.

Being a single parent is a challenge for anyone, and this ‘force’ at work is to be reckoned with when opening up your social world.

Allow the child to be a child and develop in as normal a manner as they can.

You can give your child no greater gift than to help them build confidence in God and themselves during this time.

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