Bill pullman dating dating someone in a relationship

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For me, i think personal choice is important, and i dont agree with the 'outing' process, it can do more harm than good and is basically a selfish act.I just think it's odd that in this day and age, actor's earning million's from each movie/DVD release cannot be honest role models, instead of instilling a false image to the youth of today, of what 'real' men should behave like.In 1970 members Smitty (the same member who set up the Chicago chapter), Dink, Don Wetzel and Rob Maybe started the Galloping Goose Oklahoma chapter.In 1970 the Galloping Goose So Cal chapter also formed the Galloping Goose Montana and Galloping Goose Wyoming chapters.After the Los Angeles chapter, the next chapter would be the Valley chapter.These chapters would then merge to become the So Cal chapter.In 1962 the Galloping Goose Chicago Chapter was set up by a member named Smitty.In 1969 members Mousey Rider, Frog, Matin and Jerry started the Galloping Goose New Orleans chapter.

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bill pullman dating-22

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Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club was founded in Los Angeles in 1942, however did they were just a bunch of friends hanging out unofficially on their Harley Davidson motorcycles and racing, it wasn’t until 1946 that they became an official club.

, Bale is going through another transformation, this time adding pounds of flab to portray former Vice President Dick Cheney.

But Bale isn’t just getting fat—he’s also adding pure muscle in some very specific places. Well, Im sure you've seen it on the news recently, but this is what dedication to a role looks like.

But what about other actor's who were also either bisexual or exclusively gay ?

After a little research many name's crop up, some may surpirse you, some definately wont.

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