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"Major health organizations, like the American Medical Association, are calling for advertisers to tone down their tweaking because of the negative impact it's been proven to have on body image.And the political world is taking notice too." Indeed, legislation was introduced in 2009 in France that would require retouched ads to carry a label disclosing that fact; similar proposals are circulating in the United Kingdom and Norway.' Because we know people are retouching."So how do commissioned an independent nationwide survey of 1,000 women. How accepting respondents were of retouching in their everyday lives.Nearly 60 percent feel it's OK for a woman to tweak her personal pictures, and 23 percent of women ages 25 to 29 do it; that number climbs to 41 percent among those ages 18 to 24.(Again, not the first.) Thing is, Fabris is not a doctor; he is the CEO of, a photo and retouching service that thousands of people have hired, usually to get the best possible image of themselves to post on dating websites.

Calhoun's body, and since then, elements of retouching have existed openly in advertisements, movies, catalogs and magazines—including, we admit, this one.

"That feels deceitful." On dating sites, stories of such deceit abound.

One 44-year-old male entrepreneur from San Diego recalls his first face-to-face encounter with a woman he'd met online: "I spotted her blond hair and tapped her on the shoulder," he says.

Our Photo Retouching also includes the option to increase the vibrancy of tone.

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