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Totally not worth your time, people on here are mean and you get banned for nothing.

Toni Coleman, LCSW, CMC is an internationally known psychotherapist, relationship coach, and founder of From March 2005 until January 2006 she was a weekly contributing commentator (love and dating coach) on the has had over 2,000 subscribers; and along with her website has attracted the attention of many journalists, authors, and other self-help experts with whom she has networked and collaborated. Coleman has guest hosted forums on where she wrote about issues, events, personalities, and their corresponding relationship dynamics through the lens of nonverbal signs, signals and nuances. Coleman’s columns and articles can be found on as well as on various social media channels comprising over 17 million subscribers.

Their ruse is one of long-suffering victim and caring parent, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Continue reading Carl Jung said that everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Post your question about relationship, dating, marriage, breakup and get the advice our community has to offer.* Follow topics and share with like-minded people* Post ideas/pics/videos & get feedback from fellow experts* Meet chat with other members just like you Install today to see what others are saying about e Not Alone.

This article is not, in any way, talking about people with mood disorders such as depression, bipolar, etc.

This is those who are not just defined only by the DSM Axis II diagnosis.

Instead, for this article, they are defined as extremely unhealthy, toxic, self-centered, manipulative individuals whose life goal seems to revolve around making other people miserable.

Do not get this as you can be venting and the next second get banned!! I made an account and made ONE post about something in my life and was banned an hour later.

So I thought it was weird, what I posted wasn't bad, I thought maybe a glitch so I made another account and posted again and the people on there just tore me apart verbally then I was banned again.

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