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If the person did not leave records about these returns, or if you cannot tell from existing records whether or not the returns were filed, contact us at You have to file a T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return, for income of the estate earned after the date of death.

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You may not have to file a T3 return (not to be confused with the final return, which always has to be filed) if the estate is distributed immediately after the person dies, or if the estate did not earn income before the distribution.

In these cases, you should give each beneficiary a statement showing his or her share of the estate.

For 2016 and future years, where a beneficiary of an alter ego trust, spousal or common-law partner trust, or the last surviving beneficiary of a joint spousal or common-law partner trust dies, there is a deemed year end of the trust on the date of death of the beneficiary.

The income that is deemed to be recognized by the trust upon the death of the primary beneficiary will be taxed inside the trust.

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