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Duarte has sunk Veracruz into insecurity and has run up a public debt of more than 40 billion pesos.There are still 16 months left in his term as governor.Two of the most recent murders are those of the photojournalist Rubén Espinosa Becerril, contributor to , and the activist Nadia Vera, from the #Yo Soy132 movement who, even though they weren’t from Veracruz, worked in the state.Their bodies were found on July 31, in an apartment in the Narvarte neighborhood in Mexico City, together with those of three other women.I hope this is the worst of it and it doesn’t worsen further!But I bet that within two months something else will happen and that civil society is going to be outraged again.” Yunes Marquez is the President of the Committee for National Defense in the Senate and he maintains that the wave of violence and insecurity is a product of the incompetence of those who direct the state’s Ministry of Public Safety (SSP) and its Attorney General’s Office.In August 2014 he was the object of a barrage of social media criticism when he told citizens how they could help “to reduce measures of insecurity.” He suggested buying a dog, a padlock or an alarm for protection.He responded angrily to the criticism, sending out a press communiqué that he would cease to give interviews.

There are kidnappings and bodies dumped in municipalities from north to south, along with the murders of journalists and social activists.

The State Ministry of Finance and Planning (SEFIPLAN) issued a press release in which it confirmed that “they will purge the list of pensioners who are receiving other benefits,” since in 2005 in the Official Stat Gazette the guidelines are very clear: the pensions are only for retirees who are not receiving another pension from the State, from IMSS, from ISSSTE or from some other private institution.

The PANista state legislator Hugo Fernández has already called on the local congress to “free up” this part of the state budget dedicated to buy medicine and food for those he referred to as “grandparents.” In the State Pension Institute (IPE) it’s usual that thousands of pensioners invade the installations or go to cash machines that have agreements with the state government throughout its municipalities, trying to prove if there are funds to back their checks.

The purge even reached inside the State Attorney General’s office where there were 370 dismissals, among them investigative police officers, commanders in the Veracruz Investigation Agency, forensic services, public prosecutors’ officers and deputy-general prosecutors, between March 2013 and March 2015, according to document FGE/UAI/210/2015 consulted by this reporter.

According to this document, 80 were removed for “irregularities” in the discharge of their functions; five were fired for submitting false documents; two more for failing to comply with a legal duty; and, seventeen for testing positive in an antidoping exam.

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