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He could pull a screen over her oppressive world and make a simpler, happier one appear in its place.Nevertheless, following the pattern of all her marriages, Elizabeth had several big fights with him, after which he'd spoil her with expensive presents.

In her early 20s, she seemed to assume that intimate relationships had to be conducted with just as much dramatic intensity as those on the big screen.She also believed she was in love — but even Sara feared that her daughter had been influenced by the romantic illusions in the 12 movies she'd made so far.As if to blur the distinction between reality and fiction still further, MGM staff created Elizabeth's bridal gown, and designed her trousseau and honeymoon outfits.When he hit her back, Sara burst out of the kitchen.'Get out of my house, now, you b*****d,' she screamed as she ran to her daughter's side. ' Seven months after their fairytale wedding, the Hiltons separated. Elizabeth, who was making about £1,600 a week, did not ask the hotels heir for alimony — 'I don't need a prize for failing,' she remarked.

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