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Could this relaxed form be synchronised with his advancing age?

"I'm nearly 30 for Christ's sake," he cries, "That crept up out of nowhere." He launches into a spirited, uninterrupted sermon on the virtues of growing older and his attempts to aid the process with an intention to "watch every movie ever made" and a fresh live-for-the-moment, carpe diem attitude. "Because as the ancient Greeks said, 'a healthy body leads to a healthy mind'. Either the ancient Greeks said it, or Eddie Izzard.

Because when two people are in love, they quarrel the most because they're probably sensitive the most to one another." He listens back to his words and clears his throat. I think you realise after a while, that what it is, we're both very married to our work, which after a while becomes this sort of core issue. She gets time off and hops on a plane, I get time off and hop on a plane.

When you're two actors, you're peripatetic, you have to drop everything and go sometimes and a relationship has to adapt." While busy schedules frequently pull them apart, they remain resolutely solid. The longest we ever spent apart was just six weeks." Fortitude is Sheehan's first TV series since his high cheek-boned, crook-with-a-heart, Darren Treacy met a bloody end midway through the Love/Hate saga. When I left and they carried on, all of a sudden, I got this pang of, 'maybe I shouldn't have done this,' it was a really sad moment, I jumped off the train and watched it chug off into the distance, going 'awh f***'." It wasn't the same with Love/Hate.

Robert visibly glints at her mention, even while charting their rocky transition from hazy sun-kissed romance to sobering reality.

"It was a day-dreamy setting; the waves, the sand and the sunsets. But then we went back to London and had to learn how to get on and how not to quarrel.

Ever inquisitive, the chance to play a seductive guru was opportunity to expand his mind.

"I did endless reading on life after death and the physicality of leaving our bodies," he tells me, furiously waving his hands in front of the camera and blinking his tired-looking feline eyes in the sharp sunlight.

Built functionally because of the cold and the ice storms which are catastrophic. We were going up these mountains in super Jeeps, getting up to these parts of the peaks where humans hadn't set foot for years, staring out on beautiful, unforgiving landscape. I could call it illuminating." The bitter climes of Iceland are a world away from where he met Boutella.

And by 22, was starring in two hit series on both sides of the Irish Sea - RTÉ's Love/Hate and Channel 4's Misfits.

Now facing into his 30s, the Garda's son from Portlaoise is shooting costly blockbusters: alongside Gerard Butler in forthcoming eco disaster epic Geostorm; David Tennant in crime caper Bad Samaritan, and the aforementioned Mute, alongside Alexander Skarsgard.

"Because he's a genuinely welcoming, lovely person. But it's hard when you're sitting in the back of a helicopter, with headphones on saying, 'So Tom, what else can you fly? "But then she gets a call on Saturday saying, 'sorry, we need you in Oxford for rehearsals'. A car picks us up, we get there, meet Tom, and they get to rehearsing.

' That little voice in your head is saying, 'what the f***?! "Then he goes, 'I'm flying back to London, do you want a lift?

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